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  • Commodity: TNS-6000VA Classical Normal type 3Phase, Servo-type AVR

Product Features:

This series adopt linear integrated circuit to form the control system, drive the contact voltage regulator to regulate automatically by controlling the servo motor, it is provided with delay, over-voltage, under voltage and over-current protection function which ensure the voltage stabilizer can supply safely; It has the advantage of high efficiency, low power consumption, high accuracy of stabilization, reliable and continuous work etc., and good for in regions where the net voltage is much fluctuating!


Application Scope:

It is widely used in the electric equipments and facilities in housing, factory, school, shop, office, precision instrument for scientific experiment. And also, it is suitable for office equipment, test instrument, communication system, industrial equipment, armarium, domestic electric appliance and so on.


Technical Parameters:



Rated power



Fully Automatic Voltage Regulation/Stabilizer(AVR/AVS)

Servo motor controlled system, split-regulation for each phase independently

Phase No.

3Phase(three phase, four line system)

Input voltage range

 Phase voltage: 160~250VAC,  Line voltage: 280~430VAC

Output voltage

Phase voltage: 220VAC,  Line voltage: 380VAC

Output precision

± 2.5%





Response time

≤1s(against 10% input voltage deviation)

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Dielectric strength


Insulation resistance


Waveform distortion

No additional waveform distortion


Over-voltage,under-voltage(optional), over-current, over-loading, time-delay,

short-circuit, phase failure, bypass, auto. recovery etc. protection functions.


Blue LCD meter display


With wheels, convenient for installation and moving

Product quality

Conform to CE, RoHs, SGS, ISO9001:2000

Warranty time



In Euro. standard polywood case packages

Gross weight(kg)


Packing size(cm)



 Customize option for specifications and availability, please feel free to contact CONPO Tech!

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